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The company Ako Gradba from Gostivar, is a company that offers a variety of materials of high quality. Ako Gradba established a few years ago thanks to the correct work towards clients, the company now has gained confidence in quality and attention. Ako Gradba l.t.d started working at 1992. In the beginning in the market was with name AKO KOMERC, so the main activity of the company with a little experience, was production of floors, panels etc. The small spaces in which worked AKO KOMERC were not an obstacle to the development of the activity, they were just a challenge to accomplish a new mission:

“To become one efficient, flexible and advanced company.”

       At 2004 the company has changed the name to Ako Gradba export-import, we developed activity, also and the production capacity. Today the company owns a warehouse with 5000 m2, production machines of floors, moldings, and constructional wood for roofs, dry boards, panels, Fiberboard, wood for floors, OSB table, waterproof board, and all other wood material that are custom-made.

       At the company Ako Gradba you can find all items for construction as blocks, cement, iron, armature, triggers and Styrofoam.

       The company Ako Gradba as an agent of the company Mladost from Leskovac, offers: Thermic blocks EB 25 STRONG, Thermic blocks EB 25 ECONOMIC 10, Thermic blocks EB 20, Thermic blocks EB 12, Thermic blocks EB 10, gitter, 5 Block separated 12, thermic block 33, then high quality bricks: Continental Bricks Lux, Maestral LUX, Ornament Lux, Snow protectors, ventilating brick, Kulmar, Kulmar finished, Kulmar triangle, Finished elements, additional equipment of roofs, bricks with holes etc.

       Ako Gradba is the general agent of the company for hydro isolation materials, “Bitumenka”, Black Queen, as Biverplast T, ER BIVERPLAST ALV, BI VERPLAST EPF, BIVERPLAST MPF, BIVERPLAST PF, BIVERPLAST PV-VERBIT, BIVERPLAST V, EV, BITULITA and other materials.

       The company owns its Ironmongery with space of 120 m2 were you can find elements equipment for household, different colors, electrical products, machines etc. The Ironmongery Ako Gradba is general agent of the German company “Metabo” for Gostivar, the Ironmongery is located at the entrance of Gostivar, street Sedek Kostovski no. 53, at the first rotunda.

       With its potential, today executes a large number of activities, from the import of building materials (Bulgaria, Bosnia, Slovenia, Austria), import of Transport equipment, Retail and wholesale. As main importer Ako Gradba offers products with very affordable prices! The result of tireless work is done with the purpose of staying at time so every time we have current offers with different building materials. Ako Gradba export-import will develop activities which will affect the maintenance and development of the company and of course to satisfy the needs of consumers.

       The work, commitment, discipline and good organization are the keys to the success recommended by economic experts, but the company from Macedonia Ako Gradba, can confirms with works.

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North Macedonia
Industrial zone, Gostivar 1230
Store 3Industrial zone, Gostivar 1230

042/211 – 843
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Store 3 Industrial zone, Gostivar 1230

042/211 – 843
 070/378 – 929
 070/229 – 014
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Store 1 Sedek Kostoski number: 53, Gostivar 1230

078/730 – 710